Air Express

Using this way of shipping you can receive small shipments very quickly.

At C2C Movers we will help you come up with the best method possible for a fast, agile, and easy moving experience. While providing you with nothing but the best of air freight services and international air shipping to any place you may need, we will be using our wide variety of air freight services for your items in sky and on the ground.
All your belongings are shipped in our special air freight crates that match with international standards of protection and security to ensure you that any damages will happen during transport. We know that you are in a hurry to receive your belongings. In order to do it in the fastest and safest way, we only work with a network of carriers that is the best known and reliable around the globe.

Our services include:
 Door-to- door
 Import and export clearances
 Quick and easy shipping
 For shipments over 100 kg or more
 Airway bill management
 Excess luggage
 Express shipping services
 No delivery hassles
 For very urgent and time sensitive shipments