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The most pleasant countries to raise your children


What are the most pleasant countries to raise children? To know it, the InterNations network asked the question to expatriates. This year, Finland, Czech Republic, and Israel are in the leading trio.

Settling down abroad in family is a full adventure. Expats have to think about everything: the education of the children, that must be at the same time affordable and of quality, the activities and about the well-being of the family, including the concerns more usual such as the cost of moving. The Independent resumes the ranking of the organization InterNations of the countries where it is well expatriate yourself in family and specifies their methodology:

“The expatriates gave marks for everything, healthcare of the children, their safety, and the education received. Each country had to have at least thirty one answers coming from expatriate parents to be able to appear in the ranking.”

Here are the top 10 countries based on the 2016 ranking:

Although Germany got numerous quality schools, only 7 % of the expatriates opt for this choice.

The efforts made to improve the quality of the primary education and to develop child care options contributed to the good ranking of Belgium.

Taiwan obtained in particular very good scores concerning the safety of the children and the quality of life proposed to families with children.

Seventh in the general ranking, Australia nevertheless comes first when it comes to the variety of the activities for the children.

Norway climbed from the seventeenth spot to the sixth position within one year. In cause: the options of child care, which clearly developed according to the questioned parents.

The country went from the third to the fifth place of the ranking. The British daily paper writes that “it can be explained by the crisis which lives the Swedish school system since the past few years.”

The first country on last year ranking, Austria lost three spots. Concerning the welcoming and the conviviality to families with children, it falls even on the forty-third place (out of forty-five countries).

84% of the questioned expatriates are globally satisfied by their family life in Israel.

Czech Republic
The Czech Republic went from the fourteenth position to the second. The parents welcome the small cost of the education in this country.

“The country arrives first because no expatriate parent had anything negative to say about the health, the safety or the well-being of their children in Finland”, explains The Independent.

Brazil arrives in the last position of the ranking, just before Saudi Arabia, Greece and Qatar.

Shanghai wants to become the new capital of start-ups

The Chinese metropolis tries to attract young foreign talents freshly graduated to become a world reference regarding technology and regarding innovation.

Becoming a technological world pole before 2030, it is the objective which gave itself the city of Shanghai.

In 2015, the municipality announced the implementation of supposed policies to attract foreigners eager to create their start-up in the city.

The site explains that numerous expatriates would have settled down in the Chinese metropolis since:

“There are no official figures indicating the number of companies created by foreigners in Shanghai, but we count 564 in Yangpu, district dedicated to the entrepreneurship and to the innovation.

The last figures of the national office of the statistics show that 215 000 expatriates coming from 167 countries work in Shanghai today, what makes it the Chinese city which welcomes most foreigners.”

According to Yang Jianrong, the director of the council for the promotion of the international trade in Shanghai, the city has everything to attract new talents.

“It is going to continue, especially knowing that Shanghai continues to announce measures to welcome more easily the expatriates and to soften the conditions to obtain the permanent resident status. We want to persuade all the talents of the world to come join us.”

New foreign graduates who want to work in Shanghai can aspire to a visa for two years. It is enough to present a copy of its diploma and to explain your start-up project.

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