Fine arts are one of the most valuables things that people care during a move. It’s not only about money, but more about feelings, memories or a legacy to transfer to the younger generation within a family. At C2C movers we understand this and we are able to provide you the packing and the storage that you need for your artistic goods from painting to sculpture including calligraphy.

Fine art relocation

When confronted with handling expensive and/or high personal value belongings, we are professionals that will go the extra mile to guarantee full protection and avoid any kind of damages to your belongings. These extensive services include a very high quality of crating, transporting, and storing.

During the preparation of your move we will take notes of your special items, ensuring that on the move day we have the appropriate materials to fully protect your art pieces.

Fine-art protection

For protecting special items we undertake the packing with (but not limited to) special non-absorbent paper for paintings, bubble wrap, polyester, reinforced carton paper, and tailor made wooden crate.

We also offer transportation and storing for commercial and professional art dealers; with special insurance and coverage plans, we can ensure total coverage for any kind of art piece.