At C2C Movers, due to our high standard, we are proud to have one of the lowest claim rate in our
industry.To achieve this, we have trained our packing team to successfully handle the items of our clients.
But even with this level of dedication and care towards your items, a zero risk does not exist. That is why
we recommend for you to use C2Ccare program.

 C2Ccare© program proposes two different insurance programs in order to fit your requirement:

Lump Sum policy

The Lump Sum program is the easiest way to insure your goods, especially when we are dealing with large moves. You will provide a replacement value per cubic meter for your belongings.
Download below our lump sum subscription policy for your move

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Inventory List policy

The inventory list program consists in valuing and listing all your items. It might be ideal when you have only few boxes to move, or a very clear idea of the value of your belongings. Start listing today and download below our inventory list subscription program for your move!