Our Network

How do we help you may ask? We help by giving financial aid, donations, and help with the physical transportation of donated goods.

We give the most priority the children that are orphans or deprived because they are the future of the world. The children that we help caress of essential life necessities, some of which have parents that are incarcerated or not able to provide for them. Providing goods and material for the orphanages that can be used by the children in need helps the orphaned children.
Another association that we help is dedicated to financing heart surgeries for children that are less fortunate and can not pay for the surgery and treatment of their heart’s condition.

We also help the Ex- Colonies of people that had been affected by Leprosy disease. The people are in need of helps after have been infected with this disease. The financial aid goes to pay the medication, hospitalizations, and amputations of limbs. Another social cause that we help is towards the homeless people. The people that are benefited by the material and financial donations are helped by getting what every human should have and never caress.
We believe that helping the less fortunate helps ground ourselves and have sympathy towards others. The people that are benefited from our donations are grateful as we are to them for giving us life-fulfilling experiences.
We truly believe that we do not give to receive anything in return but their happiness and wellbeing.